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We all love to travel… But all too often we worry about the safety and stress-free storage of our essential documents and things.

If you get frustrated when trying to find your documents, or you are afraid of them going missing, or even maybe you are worried that the bag you use is not strong enough and uncomfortable for you?

Well, we are here to help, by giving you simplicity and comfort during your journey!

Our product “Neck wallet & Passport holder” is designed specifically to solve all of your travel needs, now storing your essentials is as easy as 1, 2, 3... By researching, analyzing and listening to fellow travelers, we have created a product that takes into account all of your travel needs. The result is a design that pays attention to detail, with safety and comfort being paramount.

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Some of the features include

100% nylon

Light weight and durable material

Anti-fraud protection

RFID-blocking material is placed between the nylon fabric layers

Strong carbines

Metal carbines hooks and hinges. Small and comfy

A robust adjustable strap

A sturdy metal adjuster-buckle. Neat and convenient

With “Joyfulltrip” you won’t have a worry in the world, travel with absolute ease of mind…

Let the perfect adventure begin!